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Blue Smoke Smokers was established in 2022 during the Covid Pandemic by Big Phil’s Smokers. Big Phil was having a successful year despite the constant rise in material and labor cost, customers were always pleased with the attention to detail and the craftsmanship, but there was still a void. Cody noticed the void being quality-built smokers for a price the average backyard joe could afford. While we would all love to have a custom pit, not everyone has it in the budget or has the need for one. Phil was constantly getting asked to repair other manufacturer smokers and it just wasn’t feasible. it seemed that with the cost of metal rising it would often cost more to repair a store-bought smoker than they were worth.  Searching for a solution, they created Blue Smoke smokers! Blue Smoke Smokers are built with the same attention to detail, the same craftsmanship and the same style pit that will cook evenly across the entire surface, all while lasting a lifetime and for an affordable price.  Blue Smoke Smokers are not meant to compete against Big Phil’s Smokers, but simply compliment them. Blue Smoke Smokers are priced so that most folks can enjoy a quality pit that performs just as well as it looks while keeping the wife happy! Blue Smoke Smokers Built for the working man, By the working man!

“ We ARE the working man. We build smokers FOR the working man. ”


The Blue Smoke Smoker
Only $2100!

  • 24″ x 48″ 3/8″ Wall Pipe and 24″ 3/8″ Wall Pipe with 1/4″ End Caps

  • 1 main rack inside smoke chamber

  • 1 Tel-Tru Temp Gauge

  • Built on Heavy Duty Casters

  • Comes unfinished in Raw metal

  • Maintenance free Hinges

Upgrade Options

  • Top Rack-$150

  • Extra Gauge-$50

  • Stack Damper-$100

  • Probe Port-$20

  • Linseed Oil Treatment-$100

  • Folding Stack- $250

  • Fold Down Shelf-$150

  • Golf Cart Chassis-$750

  • Hot Plate -$150

  • Cowboy Firebos-$250

  • WaterPan Shelf-$50

  • High Temp Clearcoat-$250

  • Cover For Smoker-$375

Upgrade Options

*Current lead time for builds 8-10 weeks
* The pipe used with these smokers will have blemishes

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